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Beachfronts Travel Wins Wedding Choice Award for 2016
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"Jamie is wonderful!! She helped us plan and book our honeymoon (Amalfi Coast, Italy; Santorini & Mykonos, Greece; and Barcelona, Spain). We had an unreal time, loved each and every one of our hotels, and couldn't believe the fake life we led for a couple weeks there. 

Jamie was SUPER accommodating - especially when my husband wanted to sneak in a Barcelona trip at the end of our honeymoon, haha! After talking with us, she exactly what we wanted out of each location and made sure we got it. I've already recommended her to my family and friends :)" ~ John& Amanda (June 2016)

"Jamie was a pleasure to work with, I e-mailed her about a million times and she was always happy to answer every question that I had. I had never used a travel agent before, but figured it was a good idea to use one to plan our honeymoon to Thailand. From the minute we boarded the plane at JFK, everything was perfect. The flights, the hotels, the tour guides, every excursion was beyond our dreams. EVERYTHING was amazing. There isn't one thing that we'd change. We will definitely be using Jamie in the future!!" ~ Ashley & Anthony (March 2016)
"We enjoyed St. Lucia very much. The room and butler service were excellent. The spa was great; we went there twice. The restaurants were good; some better than others. The private candlelight dinner in the gazebo was lovely." ~Gail & Chris (November 2015)
"Turks was amazing!!!! I actually teared up leaving because I didn't want to come back to reality!!  Thank you so so much for your help! It was perfect!! We will definitely think of you for our next big trip!"   ~Stefanie and Brian (July 2015)
"Bermuda trip was fabulous and you made it so easy!"  ~ Maureen & Jason (July 2015)
"Our Italy Honeymoon was a great trip and we had the best time! Thanks again for all of your help" 
~ Casey & Leo (June 2015)
"We had a great time in St Lucia...the views were AMAZING!" ~Jaclyn & David (June 2015)
"We had a fantastic time at Beaches & our wedding overall was great. Once we arrived at the site onsite wedding planner was excellent and we only have good things to say." ~Karen & Adam (May 2015)
""Our honeymoon to Punta Cana was awesome. We went deep sea fishing out of Cap Cana – on a well maintained 42 ft Bercham. We caught a white marlin – the highpoint of the honeymoon." ~Dwight & Amanda (May 2015)
"Still recovering from the bachelor escapade! First off wanted to really say thank you!!everything went so smoothly. From the transportation to the hotel and then back to the airport, the resort was beautiful the pool, staff, restaurants ...all top shelf really hooked us up" ~Andrew & groom party (April 2015)
"The trip was seriously wonderful- exactly what we wanted.  We love that place so much.... It's our ideal form of relaxation. Absolutely no complaints.... Can't thank you enough!"  ~Jess & Scott (December 2014)
"We had an awesome time ! The cruise was great!  Aruba was also great. All of the travel arrangements you made for us were great!" ~George & Julene (November 2014)
"I can’t believe we’re back and living “real life” again… what a bummer. Our honeymoon was great… it’s weird, it actually took us a few days to unwind. This year has been go-go-go, so when it was actually time to just sit on the beach and relax, we didn’t know what to do with ourselves!" ~Jessica & Daniel (November 2014)
"Our honeymoon was fantastic. Food was excellent everywhere we went and service was really strong.  Thanks so much for helping us get that together on short notice!"  ~Francis & Meghan(October 2014)
"We absolutely LOVED it!  We had a wonderful time. We miss it already. We had tons of fun. The hotel staff were amazing. They treated us so well the entire week. The hotel food was also amazing. We traveled to Capri and Ana-Capri for the grotto.  We went to Pompeii and hiked up Mount Vesuvius. That was amazing!! It was breath taking! Thank you so much for all of your help. It was so worth it and more!  We cannot express the gratitude for your making our dream honeymoon happen!" ~Danielle & Paul (October 2014)
"The trip to Greece was amazing - we had such a good time overall. The champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries were a welcome sight after our trip, so thank you very much for that little extra treat! 
The Blue Palace was such a welcome sight! When we got to our room, found champagne and sweets, more of what the doctor ordered :) It was the best! I'm so glad we were able to enjoy our time there and have the experience of a lifetime. Honestly, this was the best vacation that I've been on - very worryfree and we were able to completely relax. I'm very appreciative of your help and services - you helped us have an extremely memorable honeymoon." 
~Justine & Michael (September 2014)
"Vacation was amazing! The resort and room (especially rooftop) were gorgeous, thanks! We felt super VIP all the way" ~Cristina & Freddie (September 2014)
"Our honeymoon was fantastic! Italy was awesome" ~ Melissa & Bellal (August 2014)
"It was so AWESOME! We loved it, loved it, loved it! It was a dream come true and we can't wait to go back one day. We also LOVED Your welcome letter. Thank you so much!!" ~ Nicole & Brendan (July 2014)
"We're still trying to come down from our wedding and honeymoon high :) First off, thank you for planning a spectacular honeymoon getaway for us. We were so happy with the itinerary - the cities were a perfect combo and the Amalfi coast is just so magical in general. We verrrry much appreciated the sweet champagne and cake ready for us at 2 of the hotels - thank you for that treat! The whole trip was a dream and we will certainly be recommending your services!" ~Joanna & Can (June 2014)
"Thank you so much. Our trip was amazingly beautiful. It was everything we wanted from a honeymoon. Gorgeous views all around, relaxation, privacy. I could go on but if any couple wants to speak to me about it in the future you can always have them call me! It was overwhelming good if not great things, very very few downsides, and like I said it was basically the perfect honeymoon for us. And with very little work from us - once we decided on an island!!! So thank you so much again :) ~ Molly & Tom (May 2014)
"First off we had an amazing time on our trip and can't thank you enough for setting it up for us. But sending us the bottle of champagne at the Four Seasons was really awesome. We took it to the beach and watched the most unbelievable sunset we have ever seen. Thank you so much it was really great of you to think of us.  Thanks again for everything you did to make our trip so great. I look forward to working with you again in the future!"
~Kevin & Elise (March 2014)
"We had a wonderful time there and we wish we could have stayed longer to venture out into the "real" jamaica.  Thank you so much for all your help; everything worked out so easily and we really appreciate your advice and suggestion." ~Sibin & Betsy (January 2014)
"Our honeymoon was very nice. Both hotels were excellent and beautiful! Rome was nice and Amalfi was amazing. We took over 1,000 was all very beautiful! Thank you very much for everything." ~ Cristina & Frank (September 2013)
"I felt like a princess! We had a wonderful time Saint Lucia was beautiful!" ~ Melissa & Robert (May 2013)
"Thank you for the little teddy bears... so cute. Everything was fantastic. Aruba was amazing and the hotel was great! Thank you so much again for your help with everything... you were great! We will definitely be recommending you to any friends of ours who are looking."  ~Amanda & Michael (September 2012)
"The honeymoon was fabulous! I LOVE Venice. The hotel was in the perfect spot! We were right downtown in St. Marx square and the staff were really friendly.  Overall, everything from the flights (we drank guinness in Dublin!) to the hotels and the time spent in each city, you did a magnificent job! I wouldn't have expected everything to be 100% but you definitely did a wonderful job choosing all of the hotels :) We thank you very much for everything!!!!!!"
~Nicole & Michael (July 2012)
"We had the best honeymoon ever!! It was so amazing from the second we got there to the second we left!!!! The hotel was insanely beautiful!" ~ Kristen & Anthony (June 2012)
"We had a great time in Bora Bora. We enjoyed ourselves and the accommodations were great. The views are unbelievable and the overwater bungalows amazing!!! Thanks for putting everything together for us."
~Michael & Shannon (May 2012)
Everything was excellent! We had a great time and most importantly we finally got the chance to relax. 
~Carla & Michael (November 2011)
"Sandals Montego Bay was amazing and the butler service was off the hook! hehehe Although I had my reservations about going to Jamaica it was a wonderful trip. Kieyen and I had a blast by simply eating, drinking, and relaxing. Our room was about 20ft from the beach where our butler reserved a spot for us every morning :D Our butler made all our restaurant reservations for us and was overall awesome. The food was great! Our only complaint was that the sun was tooooooo HOTT!   Thank you for all you have done for us! You are truly awesome." ~Thesean & Kieyan (Sept 2011)
"Thanks so much for the well wishes, and thank you also for the awesome gift! It was so great to come back to our room with a sweet present and note from you!  The honeymoon was AMAAAZING.  I so wish we were still in Hawaii, Kauai was unbelievable-literally paradise. The big island was really unique when we arrived and it felt like we landed on the moon! The resort was really nice and they upgraded us to an ocean front room and it was really cool. All in all we could not have had a better honeymoon-it was the best!" ~Matt & Diana (June 2011)